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About Me

I'm Michelle, a working, married mum with a 11 year old daughter. I hail from the West Country, residing in between Bristol and Bath. I have a part-time role in customer services, whilst holding down my full-time position......as a recently promoted school run mum to pre-teen taxi service!

MyFashionable40s is an account of my everyday style that I started in 2013. My aim is to provide outfit inspiration for the modern-day mum. My passion is fashion and I enjoy sharing my High Street finds,,,,my friends tell me I have a knack for finding a bargain and putting stuff together in ways in which elevate any look.....my motivation is help other mums do the same!

I am still on that journey of discovering my style whilst trying to remain fashionable in my forties!

Michelle xx

To get in touch.....email me MyFashionable40s@gmail.com


A word on working with brands and affiliate links.

In the interests of transparency I mark everything that has been gifted to me by the brands I work with. I love to support small, independent boutique and brands as well as few High Street favourites. I have made the decision not to do any paid partnerships as it just doesn't feel right to me. I prefer to have control over my content and I found being paid to do campaigns and the amount of work it involved was just not making me happy and I found I actually stopped enjoying blogging and Instagram as a result of this. I am happier now to just choose pieces from brands that I know I can do justice and that I know I will wear again and again. As for affiliate links, on the whole I use ShopStyle where I get paid 6 pence for every click through and that's it - no commission on top (as far as I'm aware). I prefer this to RewardStyle which is purely commission based, though I do occasionally use it as they have some great tools for making the blog look more professional. ShopStyle to me just feels a little more honest. I like to think that 6 pence is a fair price for finding a link to product, saving you time. I enjoy finding alternatives for things that are past season and I often spend hours trawling to find a similar item. I've asked my followers before if this is something they'd like me to continue doing which met with a resounding yes! If you do click on my links my understanding is that it will drop a cookie which will stay in your browser for 30 days and pick up any on any purchases you make, (I hope my technical jargon is correct.....feel free to correct me if I'm wrong!). I still only earn 6 pence if it's a ShopStyle cookie! MyFashionable40s is very much a hobby, it is by no means a business so any affiliate earnings I make go towards my clothing allowance for each month. Anyway, I just wanted to be clear about how I earn from the blog. If you have any questions I'm happy to answer them......my email is above.