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6 February 2018

more of those #2018goals - skincare this time!

It's time for another one of those #2018goals This one is one of those 'be kind to yourself' kind of goals. I like to think I've always looked after my skin but now I see it's been pretty basic stuff. I'm what I'd call a 'drugstore' sorta gal. My skincare has always been off the shelf without being coerced by an over zealous sales assistant. I best not mention again the there is a big birthday on the horizon....so it is time to take myself in hand and invest a bit more time and money on my appearance as opposed to my wardrobe. 

A couple of years a go I *discovered* Caroline Hirons cheat sheets (I probably need to revisit these too!) and became a bit of a devotee. I adopted her best cleansing practices.....of which I will impart a bit later on. Firstly I shall share step by step my evening skincare regime. This is what perches on my bathroom shelf...........

4 February 2018

weakly confessions!

This is becoming a bit of a regular feature......my Sunday night fess-up! I say weakly as it's a good job I don't subscribe to anything like #frugalfebruary :-/

Anyhow.....what has made it into my wardrobe this week? If you follow me on Instagram you might have already noted that these have made an appearance. They should have been in last Sundays' post but delivery took place right after I hit the publish button. I'm trying to avoid using stock images from websites you see.....preferring to try and use my own pictures instead, in a bid to give you a better feel for whatever I'm sharing. Though, to be fair the old photography skills need brushing up a bit (#2018goals!) but I'm hopefully a work in progress in that department! ;0)