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6 August 2017

it's that time again......

....time to getting packing those cases (or bags in my case....two holdalls between three of us). For this holiday I've been super organised about my packing, last time is was all a bit last minute and I wasn't really feeling my holiday clothing. Thankfully this time around I cannot wait to start donning some brand new dresses and a few older favourites. 

Just a little taster of what we are all set to enjoy ;0)

Image via Pinterest Yelloh Village, Les Tournels

3 August 2017

splurge vs steal!

I have been lusting after these Hermes slides all Summer and I'm summoning up the courage to enter the Hermes shop in St Tropez when we go away to try on a pair...hopefully the store won't be too intimidating! It's not helping that there are only a few sizes left online......I'm feeling the FOMO! However I stumbled across an amazing High Street dupe for a fraction of the cost thanks to @fashion_panic's feed on Instagram.
The real deal!