11 April 2017

nutmeg women's collection ~ @morrisons

Being able to pick up a few wardrobe essentials while you do your food shop seems to be becoming increasingly more popular these days. What's not to love about making sneaky clothing purchase whilst you are filling your trolley with the weekly food essentials. As a trip to the supermarket isn't one of my favourite chores of the week....that surprise bit of retail therapy can often soften the blow of doing that particular dastardly duty! Morrison's have just added a women's clothing line to their repertoire and I've been testing out a few of the pieces! I thought I'd start by sharing a bit of the range first.

Mac £30
T-shirt £10
Jeggings £12

Top £10
Shorts £14

Bomber jacket £24
Lace white t-shirt £10
Jeans £18

Denim dress £20

Top £14
Skirt £16

The range is currently stocked in 50 stores (see here for the list of stockists). I'm not able to link the items as you can't buy it online yet. The size range is fantastic as it goes from size 8-22. Clothing isn't completely new to Morrison's as their children's line started 4 years ago and still going strong. Describing the children's range as "affordable but rich with clever design ideas" it has been made with lots of thoughtful details. After listening carefully to their customers, they've taken on board that us ladies are looking for "the same fashionability, quality and attention to detail in a women's collection. Clothes that are easy to wear and ready for whatever the day may bring". Definitely pitched perfectly at us multi-tasking mum's! 

The prices start at just £3. The collection has been designed to include best-in-class, easy to wear modern essentials. My personal favourites are the mac, their denim shirt and this won't come as any surprise.....a slogan tee! I just can't get enough of 'em at the moment!

T-shirt £14

If you fancy your frills!

T-shirt £12

Here's a peek at the detail on the back of the denim shirt I mentioned......

Love the detail....the front looks just as good too!

Denim shirt £18

A word on the denim....the range is pretty extensive! Every jean style covered from bootcut, boyfriends, skinny's and jeggings! There are a couple of styles of denim skirts to choose from....a denim pencil and a-line button through skirt. They have shorts too....that's pretty much all your casual options sorted!

There is also a nod to activewear....even a bit of sport luxe too!

Joggers £14

Jacket £18
Vest £12
Leggings £12

Now for a smarter option. The outfit I've got my hands on is perfect for the area of my wardrobe I tend to neglect a bit. I get asked about my workwear quite a lot. I work 3 days a week in a fairly casual environment. I don't want to wear jeans to work as I want some distinction between my work-life/home-life wardrobes. I like a slightly different persona for work as it makes me feels a bit more business like. Anyone else know what I mean?!

So, here I am strutting my stuff in a crepe and satin bomber retailing at £24. It's a gorgeous dove grey colour. The style is casual but the the fabric gives a more dressy/business edge for me. The culottes are fab quality for the price point of £14. They are so much more practical for work than skirt with the added bonus that they go in the washing machine.....low maintenance is a must isn't it?! The cotton vest is another great staple at just £4. I should point out that I am wearing a size in all of the pieces and the sizing is spot on in my opinion!

Bomber jacket £24
Vest top £4
Culottes £14

Now I've just shown you a few of my favourite pieces....the things that would slot easily into my wardrobe. You can see a bit more of what the Nutmeg range has to offer here. If anything thing takes your fancy I would hot-foot into your nearest stockist as I have it on good authority this range isn't going to hang around for long!

What do we think ladies? Will you be picking up a treat or two for yourself while doing the food shop this week? I'm certainly impressed! I think there is something to suit everyone with lots of classic staples that are great value for money. I look forward to hearing what you think!

Until next time :o)

N.B Photo credit to my lovely mate @SusieSoSo Thanks Sue! 

This post was written in collaboration with Morrisons.


  1. Love the look of the Mac, but sadly for me I can't usually make use of these bargains ranges as they tend to be generously cut, and starting size of 8 is too big. So unfair!

    1. The mac looks fabulous doesn't it.....I'd love to get my hands on one of those! One thing I would have to say it that I found the sizing spot on! I shall pass along your feedback about stocking a size 6 though, hopefully that is something they can look at including in any future collections! xx

  2. Oh I thought I recognised that garden! :p

    But they are really good pieces, I can vouch for that!

    1. How lucky are you....such a lovely outside space, feel honoured to have seen it in real life!

      Love that you've got me to do something a little out of my comfort zone with my posing....that's quite a stance you coaxed my into gently! ;o)

      I genuinely feel the quality is excellent value for the price point....wearing the bomber today! xx

  3. I love a bit of supermarket fashion and often get bits from Tu at saino's so will definitely make a detour to my local Morrison's at some point. My mum has bought stuff for my kids from the Nutmeg range for years and I've been impressed with the design/quality. You look really chic as usual! xx

    1. I wish we had a Sainsbury's a bit closer to us that stocked Tu clothing! I always seem to have missed out on the best bits by the time I get myself in there! The children's range looks really good....though sadly I don't think they go up to my daughter size as although she's only ten she is already wearing teen sizes.....and styles! Thank you for the lovely compliment xx

  4. Aw I wish we had Morrisons in Northern Ireland - loving those culottes and the mac is fab. Clearly a good team behind the range. Ax PS isn't Sue's garden lovely :) x

    1. It would be good to see the range available online wouldn't it Avril! Having worn the pieces already I know the quality is good and sizing is spot on so I wouldn't hesitate to order via the website! They sent me a link which I unfortunately couldn't use but it was of a video taken behind the scenes, you are right, they know their stuff!
      Sue's garden is gorgeous.....helped by the fact it was such a beautiful sunny day to take some photos! xx