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23 July 2017

one holiday box ~ fit to burst!

I'm eating my words here and taking back what I said on my last blog post :-/ Pointing my finger at New Look....and a new drop of dresses! I've also fallen foul of a couple of those Insta-famous numbers thanks to some of my favourite style inspirations of the moment! This first gem is all my own handy-work though! If there are two colours I can't get enough of it's blue and red....both featured here...I think you'll understand why I've succumbed!

16 July 2017

holiday box additions!

Counting down the weeks now until our Summer holiday! We are going back to Yelloh Village in Les Tournels near St Tropez as we loved it so much last year. It's a very chilled glamping-style holiday but with St Tropez not that far away there are a few opportunities to dress up. I'm going to be taking all of the dresses I bought on my last holiday when I stocked up in Mango and Zara...there have been a couple more dress additions to the wardrobe this week but I'll come onto that in a minute. I thought these would instantly update the current dress collection....and add a touch of glam!

9 July 2017

that summer essential - the white dress!

Nothing screams Summer more than a white dress. The perfect accessory is a bit of a tan. I have 5 at the last count....I can't get enough of them! They are not just for holidays either.....I wore mine for date night last Friday.
Dress (Zara) sold out
Jacket, past season Alternative here
Sandals, ancient. Alternative here
Bag, past season. Alternative here

6 July 2017

skirting around!

I feeling that Rouje vibe again. I tend to steer clear of skirts as I find them really hard to style.....much easier to bung on a dress and be done with it. However I'm at that point in the season where I'm looking for trouble...I've filled my boots with every item of clothing imaginable (you can see what I've purchased so far here). So I'm now craving some different. I'm looking for something that's a bit more flirty in style.....with a whiff of Les Style Francaise shall we say! I plan to wear either with a cami or t-shirt, my espadrilles or flat sandals and accessorised with an obligatory basket and Raybans! Here's a bit of skirt inspiration.....all courtesy of Pinterest.

30 June 2017

clean lines

Before I tell you all about my latest style inspiration I am just going to give you the heads up about a game-changing tip that the gorgeous @mylittlejoneslife (whom I had the pleasure of meeting last Sunday) imparted to me about one of the tools on Instagram. I may very late to the party sharing this .....you may have already been using it for ages, however if you are a techo-phobe like me I am happy to impart this little nugget of information with you as it has already saved me a ton of time. I used to screenshot things to my camera roll only to find I'd missed off the all important account details so thank you Catherine! Basically if you see a picture you want to save (whether it be home styling, ideas, fashion or food inspo) you can just click on the little flag/tag at the bottom right corner of the picture on an Instagram post and the shot will be saved to a folder where you can store those things you may want to refer to again. To access the folder to view your saved items you just go to your profile page and click on the flag/tag, again on the right hand side just above your grid. Simples! Great isn't it?!

Right, onto the inspiration I have saved.
Image via Instagram

23 June 2017

a bargainista's reveal!

I haven't given the sales much of my attention yet but I do have an amazing bargain to share with you. In Summertime I think the straw bag has become something of a signature item for me. As they are neutral and go with everything I seem to have accrued quite a selection. I've been obsessed with the Cult Gaia one and did contemplate buying one full price (here). However since I owned one of this style of bags 30 odd years ago I couldn't bear to part with £100 plus for one. So instead I went on the hunt to see if I could find a cheaper alternative and sure enough I did. £38.99 including post & packaging.
Bamboo basket

17 June 2017

some #veryimportantpurchases!

I took off on a little jolly this week. If there is one thing I've learnt about myself this year it is to be open to taking up some of the invitations that come my way. So when I was contacted by The Glades in Bromley to go along to their #veryimportantpurchase event I jumped at the chance!

Me and my haul outside The Glades!

Photo credit @teeclutter

8 June 2017

beating those post holiday blues......

by stealing some style from one of my favourite sources of inspiration at the moment! I love this fab Instagram account called LeStyleaLaFrancaise. Just before I went on holiday they posted this pic and I screenshot it to copy at a later date! 
Image via Instagram

26 May 2017

And we are off!

I best warn you right now that this post has been as hastily put together as the packing itself! I literally have thrown this lot in the case. I had a quick try-on of a few bits last weekend but that is about as much thought as I've given it. So excuse me for this random bunch of stuff. I'm blaming the weather! Because we haven't had a prolonged spell of the good stuff here, there hasn't been any need to do the Summer wardrobe changeover......hence I've not been particularly motivated to buy any high Summer clothing either! Catch 22 isn't it?!

Image via Pinterest

22 May 2017

ooh la la!

I saw this and thought of Rouje.....you know that cool French brand that I'm pretty obsessed with.

Ruffled print dress

19 May 2017

my top 5 holiday essentials!

This post is a prelude to what I'll actually be packing.....otherwise it could end up being the longest post in my blogging history! I can't believe that I've not even started to pack yet! I'm never usually this unorganised.....in years gone by I've had a list that I've compiled on my phone months in advance. Anyhow, I digress. These are the five items I wouldn't be without.
First up! Gotta be a hat. I try to make sure my face is slathered in Factor 50 and hidden from the direct sunlight at all times.My beloved Accessorize panama has sadly seen better days. I will be picking up a new one on my way through duty free next week!
Panama hat

16 May 2017

you know the 'drille!

I've been behaving like a shoeaholic possessed of late. I'm blaming this lovely account on Instagram as it yielded this dose of gorgeous outfit perfection.

Pic via Instagram

14 May 2017

we rise by lifting others!

A bit of a departure from my usual posts today. I've often wondered where this blogging malarky might take me. I never set out with an action plan for the future, I've been all about winging it. From the beginning of my journey (4 years ago now!) my intent was purely to share. When I started following blogs I was really quite amazed on how much seeing how other women put outfits together really made me more confident in my own choices. And so I began to share my outfits on a daily basis....hoping that I might pass on that help in some small way. It really is still all about just sharing where I've found my inspiration, my fashion findings, showing how I put things together, or where I've bagged an absolute bargain! But though a series of recent events I'm ready to take things to the next level.

7 May 2017

current objects of desire!

What we have here are some random musings of things I've spotted that I love.....need....want, basically all the stuff I've been obsessing about this week. 
My attention has been alerted to this cool French brand thanks to Instagram. I've been lusting after these Saskia sandals ever since I first clapped eyes on them. Seriously considering taking the plunge as I reckon I would wear them non-stop (as I did with the Topshop red Kicks). I've bought a couple of pairs of mom style jeans and I think these wedges would be perfect with them. What do we think ladies?

5 May 2017

a cracking discount code!

I say this with confidence as I have used it today! This very kind lady of Instagram tipped me off about the Grazia 25% off voucher in this week's edition and as I'm still in holiday research mode I took myself off to the local retail park this afternoon. My little escapade resulted in an immediate purchase (as I'm a Libran....this is not generally how I shop! I'm an absolute ditherer but this dress could very well see it's first outing tomorrow!).

30 April 2017

holiday dressing!

With only a few weeks until the next half term when we jet off for a bit of sunshine I thought it was about time I put in some serious research as to what to add to the holiday box! I'm after a few easy pieces that will lift what I take away year-in, year-out! Let's face we hardly get the wear out of our high Summer stuff as we tend to only have a handful of occasions to need it with our British temps! After a quick flick through one of the glossy Sunday mags this morning I saw this gorgeous ad for Next and was inspired to take a look at what they had to offer. This resulted in a humongous order taking place!

23 April 2017

spring ~ summer baggage!

Gotta love a basket bag for Spring/Summer! They are my go-to accessory during the warmer months. Being neutral in colour there is nothing they don't go with,,,,which is handy for me as it means I don't have to keep switching bags all the time to fulfill my matchy-matchy tendencies!
Seagrass Tassel Tote Bag:
Hat Attack bag

19 April 2017

throwing some different shapes!

I can't believe I'm saying this.......but I have fallen out of love with my skinnies. Jeans are still my go-to item pretty much everyday and thankfully there are plenty of new shapes in my wardrobe that I'm getting my wear out of at the moment. Current favourites as follows.....

16 April 2017

dressing it up!

Just a quick post this Sunday morning.......Happy Easter everyone! If there is one area of my wardrobe that appears to be lacking, it's in need of a dress or two to throw on in this in-betweeny weather. I've been on the hunt for something I can just chuck on with my trainers and a biker or denim jacket. ASOS is always a great place to yield what I had in mind.....which was something of the midi variety! This brand, Fashion Union is new to me but as soon as I clapped eyes on this I knew it was exactly what I was looking for. Thank goodness for premier delivery, it arrived yesterday and was straight out of the packet......perfect to pop on as we headed out for an early evening family dinner!

14 April 2017

shade-y lady!

A lovely reader recently contacted me asking what my sunglasses preferences are (thank you Helen!). Perfect timing for a piece about my favourite sunnies I thought! Although I have a drawer full shades I always end up rotating the same two pairs. I am a sucker for classic shades and so they are both Rayban's. As sunglasses go....these are my signature styles! I never leave the house (read all year round!) without either one of these safely stowed in my bag. 

11 April 2017

nutmeg women's collection ~ @morrisons

Being able to pick up a few wardrobe essentials while you do your food shop seems to be becoming increasingly more popular these days. What's not to love about making sneaky clothing purchase whilst you are filling your trolley with the weekly food essentials. As a trip to the supermarket isn't one of my favourite chores of the week....that surprise bit of retail therapy can often soften the blow of doing that particular dastardly duty! Morrison's have just added a women's clothing line to their repertoire and I've been testing out a few of the pieces! I thought I'd start by sharing a bit of the range first.

Mac £30
T-shirt £10
Jeggings £12

9 April 2017

bolstering the spring wardrobe with a few basics!

A few weeks back I blogged about the need to add a few pretty tops to my Spring wardrobe (see here) and I promised I'd be back with a few basics I felt were missing as well. I've made a couple of t-shirt purchases this week that I thought I would share.
Now then.  I know the Maison Labiche one's are all the rage at the moment (I adore this one, this one and this one). However, as they can be quite spendy I've found a few more purse-friendly options! This is the first of a a couple I have succumbed too :-/

5 April 2017

april showers!

For the past couple of Spring/Summers I've been on the lookout for a lightweight coat for those days when our glorious British weather isn't playing ball. Now that my daughter is getting older it's not so much about getting soaked on the school run (she can take herself there and back now) it's all about mum's taxi service and the fact I am most likely to be found on the standing on the sidelines cheering her on at the ever increasing amount of sports activities! I need something that does the job of keeping me warm and dry but still looks the part. These past few weeks I've been road-testing this gorgeous parka.

2 April 2017

a super styling treat!

A bit of a different post from me today. I invested in a bit of me time earlier and took myself off to Bristol Fashion Week at Mall, Cribbs Causeway. As well as putting on a fabulous fashion show you can also take advantage of a bit of pampering.......off I headed to get a bit of styling advice. Those of you that have been on this blogging journey with me for a while will know that I tend to steer clear of colour. However, recently I've been trying to get onboard with adding some much needed colour into my mainly neutral (read....monochrome!) wardrobe. I've introduced a few colourful accessories which has given me a taster......but that's left me craving a bit more. Trouble is that I lack confidence with colour as I'm not 100% sure about which shades suit me best and this is where Karen  (you will know her as @missionstyleuk.com) and The Image Consultancy Co came in. 
Emmeline, Anna & Karen

31 March 2017

one jacket I wouldn't be without!

Well.....I actually have three versions of a similar kind of thing! This is the perfect inbetween-y weather style though. It ticks a lot of boxes for me. The colour for starters....there ain't many shades that khaki doesn't go with......it's such a neutral! This style can also straddle anything from smart to casual......it's so versatile! Whether you go for the camo print or just plain khaki there aren't many outfits this jacket doesn't compliment. It's the good old army shackett. Today's blogpost has been inspired by my two most recent ensembles. I've had a Zara camo jacket for about four or five years now. It's an absolute classic. Miss Selfridge have done something similar this season.

24 March 2017

red alert!

There are two things I'm having a moment with currently......red and ballet pumps! It all started with the Topshop red Kick ballet flats. They have already earned their pay-per-wear.....and then some! It's amazed me that introducing that smidgen of colour has lifted so many of my outfits recently.....and now it's given me the confidence to get a bit bolder thus bringing more colour into my wardrobe. The minute I clapped eyes on this red coat today, I knew immediately it would come home with me. I will just interject here that I would not have looked at this twice online......not keen on the way Zara have styled it.

19 March 2017

all that's missing are a few pretty tops!

I realise I may be being slightly optimistic here as as I sit here writing this post you could be mistaken for thinking it was November and not March! However as we should be heading towards being able to disregard our coats and knits sometime soon, I decided it might be a good time to review my recent purchases and see what's missing. I've stocked up on jeans, added a few jackets, even a couple of dresses but the one area I haven't made too many purchases is tops and blouses.
As I popped into my local River Island over the weekend to try on the duster coat from my last post (though alas they didn't have it! 😞) I did happen across some more very tempting things....resulting in a new top purchase! Voila!

16 March 2017

duster love

Not of the housework variety I might add! 😄. This look has been on my radar for a while....I've stowed the inspiration on my Pinterest board Style Notes waiting for the Spring to come around in the hope of being able to find the right kind of coat to replicate these. Love the dressed down styling....such an easy piece to wear over jeans.

12 March 2017

just love ~ chambers & beau

A few weeks back I got it into my head that I'd like to bring something a bit different to the blog. A little idea started to germinate and eventually I plucked up the courage to ask the lovely Amy from Chambers & Beau jewellery if I could pay her a visit to see her at work. I have a couple of really gorgeous pieces from Amy that I'm always being complimented on and as Mother's Day is looming I thought it would be great to share some of the beautiful, bespoke, personalized gifts you can find at Chambers & Beau. 
Previous to meeting up, Amy and I had only communicated a few times via messaging but I got that feeling we'd get along. Thankfully when I arrived at her studio, (I was a bag of nerves not helped by the 3 hour drive and a wrong turn!) we did indeed hit it off. I did warn her in advance that I can chat for England and she may need to chuck me out! See..... I wasn't wrong was I Amy? Anyway, here we are.....

10 March 2017

a statement jacket......and some dress success!

Since Spring appears to be with us at last (please tell me this is not just a fleeting visit!) it's time to shed the coats. Yay! I am welcoming jacket season with open arms. Every year I seem to end up with a statement jacket of sorts. Remember the rather iconic Zara floral quilted jacket from a few years back? That still gets lots of lovely compliments. Last year it was the turn of the Stradivarius satin reversible bomber. This year it's all about the lady-like tweed jacket

5 March 2017


The color du jour......yellow. This sunny shade is well and truly on my radar and I'm desperate to get a little injection of it in my wardrobe. Originally I had set my heart on getting myself a coat or jacket but having tried a few different shades I'm not sure I've found the right one yet.......or whether I have the confidence to carry it off since I'm a bit shy when it comes to anything bright!  However, since I have had a lot of success with all things red of late I figure the easiest way to incorporate a little of this colour into my wardrobe is by way of a new bag!

3 March 2017

beauty revolution!

Heck......I'm not really qualified for this kind of stuff as.....hands-up I'm generally a cheap skate when it comes to skincare (preferring that old Carrie Bradshaw adage "I like my money right where I can see it.....hanging in my closet!") but that's exactly why this post is so relevant. The products I have ordered below all come in at under £8! Grazia magazine is to blame for revealing these bargainous beauty secrets. This week's edition has bought The Ordinary to my attention. Grazia has done a fabulous article called *Oh Hi - Lo Beauties* regarding "beauty dupes, namely products of comparable quality to their luxe counterparts". Naturally that little one-liner got me hooked on finding out more! I've zoned in on this brand in particular that there seems to be a real buzz about them at the moment. What makes this stuff even more appealing is that rather handily it's available on ASOS......if you have their Premier delivery (thoroughly worth £9.99 a year for unlimited next day delivery I might add!) all I can say is happy days as my order is currently winging it's way to me. 
As I say, I'm no expert but I've ordered these three products to start off with as going by their descriptions they seem most suited to my skin. If you'd like to learn a little more about this brand I've found a fascinating post by Caroline Hirons here. I would recommend reading the comments to give you some honest reviews. I promise to report back once I've been using these for a while.
These are the three products I'm going to trial first........

The top product is The Ordinary Natural Moisturising Factors + HA 30ml,  Aims to protect and hydrate your skin Non-greasy formula Lightweight creamy texture. Contains 11 amino acids.

The Middle product is The Ordinary Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate 30ml Aims to brighten skin. Lightweight creamy texture Highly concentrated formula Contains vitamin C to illuminate your complexion and reduce signs of ageing. Apply to face morning and evening.

The Bottom product is The Ordinary Lactic Acid 5% + HA 2% 30mlMild 5% Lactic Acid superficial peeling formulation Offers very mild exfoliation. Reduces signs of inflammation and sensitivity. Contains purified Tasmanian pepperberry. Apply once per day, ideally in the evening. Can be diluted with other treatments to reduce strength. 

I have high hopes for The Ordinary skincare, I'm a huge fan of the Aldi Lacura Caviar products so I'm excited to see if The Ordinary lives up to expectations!

Anyone one else tried this brand? Perhaps you know of some other great drug-store price brands.....care to share?

As per, I shall leave you with an outfit round-up!

Topshop coat, past season, alternative here
H&M sweater, past season similar here
M&S trousers, here
Office Brogues, past season similar here

Zara coat, past season alternative here
YunionT white t-shirt, here
Zara Cardigan, past season alternative here
Gap trousers, past season similar here
Nike Blazers, here
Longchamp bag, here

Topshop coat, past season alternative here
H&M sweater, similar here
La Redoute ruffle neck shirt, here
Gap trousers, past season similar here
Office Brogues, here
Longchamp bag, here

Mango jacket, via Cancer Research, alternative here
Jaeger sweater, here
Gap jeans, here
Topshop Kick pumps, here
Balenciaga bag, similar here

Anyone joining me in placing an order for The Ordinary?

Normal service resumes.....as in all things clothing and shoe related next post!

Wishing everyone a fab weekend.....back soon!

26 February 2017

new *kick*s

The one item you can rely on to be a wardrobe transformer during the Winter- Spring transition is footwear. They are always the game-changers for me. Shoes can always be relied upon to elevate any outfit I reckon. In my case it's a splash of colour that's breathing a bit of new life into the black and grey uniform I seem to be favouring at the moment. I bagged a bargain pair of red pointy flats from M&S a few weeks back that I adore with my dungarees. This week I have had my head turned by a softer ballet-pump in red.....the perfect shaped shoe to go with my new Gap cropped jeans, though they will also be fab with these slouchy H&M grey trews.....and my Zara khaki army trews (similar here). I could go on but I'll spare you as I have a feeling these may not be off my feet! Yup....I'm officially obsessed!

A chap manning the fitting room in Topshop had these on (yes....you did read that right, a he) and he assured me they were like wearing slippers.....and by gosh he was right! They are supersoft and so comfy to wear......I will be living in them!

Now......whilst I was in Toppers, Oxford Circus scooping the Kick's up I literally had to tear myself away from these beauties too!

I do have a soft spot for loafers, I wore my white Office Dapper's to death last Summer so I could well end up placing a cheeky order for these Karter which are a slightly more square-toed than the Dapper's. 

Now I've braved a bit of red I'm checking out other colours. I would love to get a bit more colour into my wardrobe and when the lovely Teeclutter shared these on Instagram I thought this shade would be great with the navy pieces I appear to be accruing at the moment.

The flats are definitely ruling my tran-seasonal wardrobe this Spring. I am ready for a change from boots and my trusty trainers and I think all of the above will be brilliant for ringing in the Spring changeover. I am all over anything pump-like as though I haven't worn these yet from M&S, I adore them. My Urban Outfitter Jane's strappy ballet flats (alternative here) are also itching to be worn as are these New Look leopard print flats. I think I'm fully stocked in the footwear department for the time being.

What's your transitional choice of footwear? I would love to hear!

A couple of outfits to share....the ankles have been out!

Topshop coat, past season, similar here
M&S sweater, here
Levi's via ASOS, here
Adidas Originals Stan Smith, here
Village England Hempstead bag, here

Mango jacket, past season fab alternative here!
ASOS dungarees, here
Uniqlo shirt, past season, alternative here
M&S shoes, past season, alternative here
Urban Outfitters scarf, here

Mango jacket via Cancer Research, alternative here
Mango jumpsuit, here
Topshop shoes, here
Balenciaga bag, similar here

All we need now is for Spring to appear so that we can start wearing those all-important new purchases! 

Back soon with some more transitional rumblings!

23 February 2017

desperately seeking an alternative to my skinnies!

I keep reading everywhere that the skinny jean is dead. I must admit that I'm to craving to experiment with something other than my beloved skinnies at the moment. After reading this fab post I've been inspired to do a bit of research, especially as it feels we are just about to turn a corner weather-wise (well.....once Doris is out of the way!). I picked up a couple of Levi's CT 501's in the sale in January (back here) and this past week I've been busy checking out other options. This pic inspired me to look for something black and cropped!

Carolina is my new style crush! Love this look. I think these are trousers rather than jeans but this image certainly got the ball rolling towards getting me out of my drainpipes and into some different styles of denim. I'm usually quite faithful to good old Toppers when it comes to jeans, Zara are pretty good too. When it comes to offering more variety of styles though, Gap is a pretty good port of call. They have such a good range of different shapes and washes, I can usually find exactly what I'm looking for.

These didn't disappoint......as soon as these were out of the packet they were on! I love them! They are more of a washed black than a true black and my usual 28" waist is spot on size-wise. Now I know you can't see them in detail in this shot.....but you get the gist!

H&M coat, here 20% off & free delivery with code 6043! 
New Look blouse, here
Gap real straight jeans, here
Urban Outfitters shoes, past season alternative here

As per usual there was a discount code at Gap (DOUBLEGAP gets you 30% off, ends tonight though! A further 5% discount on top if you have their app) so I took advantage and ordered these to too!

They come in a darker wash as well.

The jury is still out on this cut for me.........I'd love to hear your opinions!

New Look blouse, here
Gap Jeans, here
New Look shoes, here

I think they make me look a bit short and dumpy in this photo so I'm still umm-ing and ahh-ing over them. If I return them now I'll no doubt be kicking myself in a couple of months time when they will look fab with a pretty white top and some strappy flat tan sandals. I am quite smitten with wider leg for a change though.....what do you think ladies?

These are also on my radar at the moment. I personally the styling here is pretty hideous.....the black accessories are a bit heavy I think but I'm loving the peg shape of these jeans so I think they are definitely worth investigating!

Next on my list to research is white jeans. I think my days of wearing white skinnies could be over! I'm on the hunt for a boyfriend, mom or straight white jean. I'll keep you posted on my findings. 

What's your favourite style of jeans? Are you ready to step away from skinny jeans this season? Please do share!

A few outfits to share....dating back to our little jaunt down to Devon last week.

Topshop jacket, past season similar here
H&M sweater, similar here 20% off & free delivery with code 6043!
Zara jeans, past season alternative here
Converse, here
Urban Outfitters scarf, here

Topshop jacket, past season similar here
H&M knitted hoody, here 20% off & free delivery with code 6043! 
Gap jeans, past season similar here DOUBLEGAP gets you 30% off
Converse, here
Village England Hempstead bag, here

Bax & Bay sweatshirt, here £5 of every sale will go to Roald Dahl's Marvellous Children's Charity
Zara trousers, past season alternative here
Adidas Stan Smiths, here

Thoroughly bored with Winter clothes now.....keeping everything crossed for a bit more ankle-baring weather. Looking forward to ditching coats in favour of jackets and lighter layers too!

Until next time!

A quick credit where it's due for my lovely friend Sue for the heads up on the New Look blouse! Mwah Sue.....it's winner! xx