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6 November 2013

It's all about the shirt & sweater action!

I can't tell you how much I am loving the shirt and sweater combo now that I have embraced it that is! It took me a while to get with the program but I have found tons of inspiration literally everywhere and boy has it revived some items in the wardrobe that had been long forgotten! Up until June I only had one shirt, a denim H&M shirt and to be honest I hadn't quite worked out how to style it looking over some of my older posts on Avenue 57. It's all a bit, well..........playing it safe and dare I say, a bit boring?!

I think it looks a lot better here, a look from a couple of posts back doing the double denim and worn under this H&M sweater.

I now seem to have built up quite a selection of shirts, the first purchase of which was a Gap chambray shirt which I bought back in the Summer. The chambray shirt was a great investment as I wore it with white skinny's and boyfriend shorts but it will see me through the Winter under a Breton sweater something like this...........

or cream cable jumper if I can find one that fits the bill (I have tried and taken back 2 so far!)! I hope to be able to reproduce these next couple of looks, starting with an outfit from my style heroine Michelle Williams!

Love this pic for inspiration too.......a pearl statement necklace has now been added to the ever growing Christmas list as I want to look like this!

Sticking with the cable knit sweater but mixing it up a bit with a check shirt.....I love this!! Luckily the next shirt purchase I made this year was in September when I added a shirt to my basket when purchasing a few bits from Uniqlo......I had no intention of even trying it on as I only popped it in to get a free delivery but when it arrived it turned my head, I tried it, loved it and so I kept it! Glad I did as I would like to be able to replicate this look at some point!

Luckily for me my lovely mum gifted me a white Aquascutum shirt a few weeks back to add to my little shirt stash! Not quite sure how I managed to reach my 40s without such a classic piece as a white shirt in the wardrobe but now I have one in my possession I shall be working it for all it's worth! Just like this!

Or going a lot more edgy like this!

My November mission is, as I mentioned before is to try and find a cream cable sweater and add some more check shirts to my hoard. Ideally I'd like to pinch this kind of look so I'm after a black and white check shirt and a black watch tartan looking number as well.......researching those next! Would also love something along the lines of this sweater.....it's gorgeous, hmm...... maybe room for that in next months budget??!

After that my next task will be to find a spot shirt........and to add a bit of colour just like these next couple of looks!

There looks like there could well be a need for a spotty sweater too! The spot and check looks great!

And a bit of spot on spot action!

With all this lovely inspiration in mind here are some of the looks I have been wearing over the past few days with the shirt and sweater obsession firmly in the forefront of my outfit planning!

Firstly the Uniqlo check shirt, which I wore under a Gap fine knit sweater(old) with Gap legging jeans (old), Office boots and Primark necklace

I added last years Zara biker coat to edge up the look a bit more

Here's what I did with my classic white shirt. Worn with Gap stripe sweater (last year), Dorothy Perkins coated jeaggings (last years), Office boot and Primark necklace again! Not known for passing comment, the husband did a double take and this well and truly got his royal seal of approval!

I am desperately trying to inject a some colour here with the pink (ancient pashmina style) scarf with my H&M coat.

It's quite hard to see in this photo but I've gone for the double denim and charcoal again. The sweater is a Gap v-neck that I saved it from my mums charity bag, so again.......thanks mum! I am very lucky to have such a super stylish mum! I've teamed it with H&M shirt, Gap Outlet skinny's, Topshop coat (last year) and Steve Madden boots.

Finally the other bits and bobs I've been wearing, starting with this ensemble from last week consisting of Gap blazer, H&M kids top, Gap original fit jeans and Converse

My Sunday scruffs look, another idea hood-winked from Pinterest was mixing stripes with a bit of camoflague! Top is French Connection, Zara jeggings and Hi-tops and scarf is Efurt.

Lastly yesterday's outfit which is a tad dull I'm afraid but it was all about dressing for the weather.......and it lashed down on the school run so the trusty hooded parka from H&M was a must over a long-line Uniqlo black sweatshirt, Gap outlet super skinny jeans, Nine West boots, Oasis scarf and Balenciaga bag.

I have a wish list as long as my arm for November and with my budget challenge still ongoing I only have 72 quid in the coffers!! Should make for a very interesting month.......although I am still delving into the depths of my wardrobe to find other ways in which I can work this style!

So are you a fan of this look? Have you tried it yet? Would love to hear your thoughts!

Be back soon, Michelle x


  1. Love all these looks Michelle but my absolutely favourite is the one with the pearls...I shall definitely be copying this look as I have everything sitting in my wardrobe!!!
    Thanks for the inspiration xx

    1. Tis a wonderful look with the pearls isn't it Jane! I love it! x

  2. Yep I too love the pearls look. You look great in all the shots Michelle. Really love you in the Gap blazer. I'm still working on the shirt and sweater look. Tried on a different denim shirt with the stripey mango sweater. It's still not really working for me - I think it's the batwings of the jumper. But I have a plan up my sleeve...excuse the pun. Donna x

    1. Keep persevering Donna as I would say I think this looks better on me if I I wear a more fitted sweater over a shirt! Have a couple more of these looks up my sleeve so you can see what I mean!! I'll keep you posted....I you can pardon the pun! Lol x

  3. Hi there! Wow a really stylish post with so many inspirational ideas, I will be wearing a dark denim shirt under a sweater and I'm loving a checked shirt underneath too and the white shirt!!! Your outfits are fabulous and I love your Gap stripy sweater and the Uniqlo check shirt was such a stylish wise purchase!! Xx

    1. Why thank you Sharon for the lovely compliments!! I shall be looking out to see you donning the double denim ;0) xx

  4. Anonymous6/11/13 19:47

    Thank you for showing me some fresh looks for this time of year. I have the Zara coat from last year and love how you've styled it. Love your blog, keep up the good work. Glamour Queen. Xxx

    1. Welcome Glamour Queen....fab mantle!! Glad you like the looks and glad to be of service bringing you some new ideas!! Thanks for the lovely comment xx

  5. All looks fab, I love the jumper and shirt combo, have just received the j crew catalogue and it looks like it's here to stay! Btw i am by chance channelling that Michelle Williams outfit today! Your outfits look great super stylish! X

    1. You look amazing in your 'Michelle Williams' outfit today Frances......I am itching to steal this style so shall be following in your footsteps very soon x

  6. Anonymous7/11/13 19:09

    I feel so boring saying the same thing to you all the time Michelle but I love it all!! You've nailed this look. Vikki (aka MrsW) xx

    1. Vikki.....I never tire of hearing such amazing comments....thank you so much! Lovely to see you here x

  7. So many looks to love here and yours are up with them! Under the grey jumper and under the camel coat - oh yes please!