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23 July 2017

one holiday box ~ fit to burst!

I'm eating my words here and taking back what I said on my last blog post :-/ Pointing my finger at New Look....and a new drop of dresses! I've also fallen foul of a couple of those Insta-famous numbers thanks to some of my favourite style inspirations of the moment! This first gem is all my own handy-work though! If there are two colours I can't get enough of it's blue and red....both featured here...I think you'll understand why I've succumbed!

16 July 2017

holiday box additions!

Counting down the weeks now until our Summer holiday! We are going back to Yelloh Village in Les Tournels near St Tropez as we loved it so much last year. It's a very chilled glamping-style holiday but with St Tropez not that far away there are a few opportunities to dress up. I'm going to be taking all of the dresses I bought on my last holiday when I stocked up in Mango and Zara...there have been a couple more dress additions to the wardrobe this week but I'll come onto that in a minute. I thought these would instantly update the current dress collection....and add a touch of glam!

9 July 2017

that summer essential - the white dress!

Nothing screams Summer more than a white dress. The perfect accessory is a bit of a tan. I have 5 at the last count....I can't get enough of them! They are not just for holidays either.....I wore mine for date night last Friday.
Dress (Zara) sold out
Jacket, past season Alternative here
Sandals, ancient. Alternative here
Bag, past season. Alternative here

6 July 2017

skirting around!

I feeling that Rouje vibe again. I tend to steer clear of skirts as I find them really hard to style.....much easier to bung on a dress and be done with it. However I'm at that point in the season where I'm looking for trouble...I've filled my boots with every item of clothing imaginable (you can see what I've purchased so far here). So I'm now craving some different. I'm looking for something that's a bit more flirty in style.....with a whiff of Les Style Francaise shall we say! I plan to wear either with a cami or t-shirt, my espadrilles or flat sandals and accessorised with an obligatory basket and Raybans! Here's a bit of skirt inspiration.....all courtesy of Pinterest.

30 June 2017

clean lines

Before I tell you all about my latest style inspiration I am just going to give you the heads up about a game-changing tip that the gorgeous @mylittlejoneslife (whom I had the pleasure of meeting last Sunday) imparted to me about one of the tools on Instagram. I may very late to the party sharing this .....you may have already been using it for ages, however if you are a techo-phobe like me I am happy to impart this little nugget of information with you as it has already saved me a ton of time. I used to screenshot things to my camera roll only to find I'd missed off the all important account details so thank you Catherine! Basically if you see a picture you want to save (whether it be home styling, ideas, fashion or food inspo) you can just click on the little flag/tag at the bottom right corner of the picture on an Instagram post and the shot will be saved to a folder where you can store those things you may want to refer to again. To access the folder to view your saved items you just go to your profile page and click on the flag/tag, again on the right hand side just above your grid. Simples! Great isn't it?!

Right, onto the inspiration I have saved.
Image via Instagram

23 June 2017

a bargainista's reveal!

I haven't given the sales much of my attention yet but I do have an amazing bargain to share with you. In Summertime I think the straw bag has become something of a signature item for me. As they are neutral and go with everything I seem to have accrued quite a selection. I've been obsessed with the Cult Gaia one and did contemplate buying one full price (here). However since I owned one of this style of bags 30 odd years ago I couldn't bear to part with £100 plus for one. So instead I went on the hunt to see if I could find a cheaper alternative and sure enough I did. £38.99 including post & packaging.
Bamboo basket