19 November 2018

time to get those boots out!

It's been a very long time since I've worn a knee high boot, I've favoured an ankle boot now for as long as I can remember. I think my lifestyle plays a large part in that fact. I guess I have always thought that knee highs were quite dressy and maybe not so suited to the school run. However, now that I'm no longer needed for the school run my wardrobe is beginning to change and I feel I can be a little more adventurous with my everyday choices! A while ago (back in August whilst it was sweltering!) I got a sneak peek at what Duo Boots would be offering for A/W18 and they very kindly let me choose a pair. If you aren't familiar with Duo......you should be as their unique selling point is that they can cater for different calf widths. Good huh?! One size does not fit all when it comes to legs! Anyway, I digress. Back to what I picked.......

Duo Avocet Boots

12 November 2018

my top 10 wardrobe staple that have stood the test of time!

This is a request post. A jolly good idea it was too! I've spent a few weeks cogitating over it, making sure I haven't left anything out. This are my most beloved wardrobe staples some of which I have picked up for a song but if I had to replace would be well worth the investment of buying the best I could afford as these pieces are the cornerstones of my style. I'm going to start with an item which is the only one that is the exception to the above statement as I would never buy one of these full price again........and I shall tell you why!

Chanel bag, bought circa 1990

5 November 2018

styling up an exclusive!

I have a few wardrobe rules and the most important one is that every item making it's way into my wardrobe needs to go with at least 5 other pieces I already own. On that basis, I rose to a styling challenge when The Dressing Room asked how I'd wear this beautiful Lily and Lionel Frankie shirt (the dusky floral print is an exclusive to them) as I could think of many ways in which to sport this gorgeous little number.
Frankie shirt via The Dressing Room

2 November 2018

my make up favourites!

It's been a while since I've shared my favourite make up products and as I've just uploaded a little IGTV clip just talking through all the things I'm currently using I thought I'd do a quick blog re-cap too! It's not a tutorial.....just a little chat through my favourites.

Starting with the base, I've a few primers but this one is my favourite, Hourglass Veil. you only need a tiny bit and it makes my skin feel like velvet and leaves me perfectly prepped for the next step.

22 October 2018

A spot of swindon outlet shopping!

For those of my readers who live along the M4 corridor.........this post is for you! I've been going to the McArthur Glen Swindon outlet since it opened 21 years ago. When I originally started to visit the outlet I would be heading straight to the huge Gap outlet, my mum has always loved it for the Jaeger and Hobbs stores and the DH has always made regular trips on his travels to fill his boots with Ralph Lauren. In the past few years it has increased in size and had a bit of a facelift......consequently it has attracted some really great brands that are new to the Swindon outlet. When I visited a couple of weeks back it reminded me of what a great place it is to shop........so it is now firmly back on my radar! With over a 100 stores it's meant that I've already been back this weekend and am planning another trip in a couple of weeks as they have a couple of new stores opening! 

Let me start by giving you a bit of a virtual tour. One of the great things about Swindon is that it is entirely covered over.....meaning it's a great place to go during the cold and rainy weather. Of course it's perfect during the scorchio weather too.....when the sun is shining it's a lovely place to hang out as it literally lights up!

18 October 2018

some day to night outfits!

A few cries for help have inspired this blog post! I have been asked what to wear out on an evening. In truth I don't often get out asked out that much to evening events. I do like to 'dress up' but there is rarely the occasion to don a dress and heels. Our evenings out generally consist of an early visit to a local eatery within walking distance, the pub or golf club for drinks or around to a friends for dinner. Occasionally I meet a friend straight from work for dinner in Bath but on the whole it's usually an outing that involves our 12 year old daughter coming along and our friends kids being around to entertain one another. I need my clothes to be versatile so I'm going to show you how I adapt my pieces so that they can be worn day or evening.....or day to evening.

First up is an outfit I wore recently. I knew I was meeting a friend for dinner straight from work so for the day look I just wore a (past season from H&M) metallic pleated skirt with a charcoal Uniqlo cashmere sweater with Converse and my Carloe London Edie bag. For my dinner date I just swapped the Cons for a leopard print Mary Jane shoe (ancient from New Look....a fiver in the sale) and swapped the bag. Voila! Switched the look up a bit to make it more evening appropriate.