24 October 2016

going fur it!

I am a bit of a devil for buying coats at this time of year. After I bought the Zara boucle coat last week I promised myself I wouldn't but anymore coats this year. Anyway that particular promise lasted all of a couple of days. After another little trying on session in....yep....you guessed it, Zara again!

I didn't buy this at the time but it sowed the seed. I actually felt at the time that the collar was a little overwhelming and I couldn't really justify £79.99 on an item I may not get tons of wear out of. Alas I couldn't get the idea out of my head though and after a bit research (thanks to Sue again!) I fell for this one from ASOS.

Yet, I still hesitated. But  everything happens for a reason they say! As luck would have it this morning, what should pop into the inbox.....only a 25% discount off Autumn essentials. No more dithering from me.....it was promptly ordered! Thanks for the amazing service that is Premier it will be with me tomorrow. So if you have been eyeing up anything on ASOS I would hop on over to their website to see if it's reduced. This promotion ends on Thursday at 8am. 

I shall be reporting back on as to whether the ASOS jacket works any better than the Zara one did on me.

Back to today and what I wore to the office!

Topshop sweater, past season alternative here
M&S Limited Edition blouse, past season alternative here
Topshop Leigh jeans, here
Miss KG boots, past season alternative here

Now there definitely isn't any more room in the wardrobe to squeeze another coat!

I shall be back again later in the week.....ciao for now!

23 October 2016

getting cosy!

If you are after a fashion fix today ladies you may want to avert your eyes to the end of this page. I've come over all practical now that evenings are drawing in and most Saturday and Sunday nights are snuggled up on the sofa watching Strictly and the X Factor! Not the usual kind of outfit I would share but I fell head over heels with these.....

I love these so much I may have to get the pink heart version too!

We are away for a few days during the later part of half term and these will definitely be coming with me. We will be mostly holed up in our apartment but I'm just wondering if I can get away with wandering around the common areas like this?! One things for sure....I won't be embarrassed answering the door to the Hermes driver or postman in these! 

New Look ballet pumps, past season gorgeous alternative here
Dreyfuss & Co watch, here
Bella Jane Jewellery bracelets, here

All I need now are these and I'll be living my lounging dream! Hope you caught that Christmas wish Santa! ;0)

Well, I'm already ensconced in my new PJ's (and my chunky cream cardigan similar here) and I'm all set to catch up on last nights missed TV with a little glass of wine! What do you wear for colder evening lounging? I would love to hear!

Onto today's for a super casual Sunday. The New Look bomber is now in the sale....it is such a brilliant homage to this YSL one so it's an utter steal for just £18!!

New Look bomber, here
Love.Wear.Live sweater, here
H&M jeans, ancient, alternative here
Nike Blazer, here
Topshop bag, past season alternative here

Last nights outfit for a few drinks locally for a friends 40th.

Zara top, here
Topshop Jamie jeans, here
New Look satin pumps, here
Appassionata Boutique Chiara bag, here
Chambers & Beau necklaces, here

Have you any plans for half term? I'm working my usual 3 days this week but heading straight off to Devon as soon as I finish on Wednesday. I'm off to start planning my capsule-ish packing. It'll be a bit of dilemma going straight from work....but I'll be back later in the week to share what's been stowed!

Until next time!

22 October 2016

it's all about the layers!

Hello....yes it's me again.......3 days on the spin! I'm finding it much more manageable doing blog posts in bite-size chunks so this could be the way things go! We'll see!

Anyway onto the business of the day. It is without doubt getting colder by the day....it's a bit of shock to the old system though isn't it?! Definitely time to be layering up, especially if you are like me and are still looking to get some wear out of your favourite transitional bits! This brilliant post here by the lovely Fashion Craver inspired today's look. I love the way Emma mixes up her textures and seeing how she gets maximum usage out of her leather and denim jackets by wearing them under coats got me thinking. I have an ancient Levi's denim jacket that I can't bear to part with but that has been languishing in the back of the wardrobe for a long while. The cuffs and collar are hanging off but it is still wearable and today it proved to be a fab extra layer today. I may yet (as per Emma's recommendation) take the scissors to it and snip off the arms off completely, making it a waistcoat. Luckily the Topshop coat I've got on below is cocoon shaped and could easily accommodate the jacket without adding too much bulk, meaning I could get another wear out of my Metallica tee!

It adds a great bit of interest to this outfit with the denim jacket peeking out I think.....and I was glad of the extra layer this morning!

Topshop coat, past season fab alternative here from Dorothy Perkins with 24% off at the moment
And Finally via Topshop Metallica t-shirt, sold out alternative here
Levis vintage jacket, similar here
H&M jeans, past season alternative here
Next pixie boots, here
Balenciaga bag, ancient similar here
The Royal British Legion poppy, here

As it was decidedly chillier this morning I thought it's be a good time to invest in one of these for wearing under coats in the coming months.

Not terribly glamorous I know....but if you are tempted I bet you'll be thanking me in a couple of months! ;0) I'm thanking Sue as she put the idea in my head in the first place! 

Leaving you with a sneak preview of what I'm wearing this evening. We are out with local friends to celebrate a 40th! It's only in the pub down the road but I've jumped at the chance to wear my gorgeous New Look satin ballet pumps along with this toasty looking top I bagged in Zara yesterday!

Zara top, here
Topshop Jamie jeans, here
New Look satin pumps, here
Appassionata Boutique Chiara bag, here
Chambers & Beau necklaces, here

Sticking with the more practical purchases.....I shall be back tomorrow with some gorgeous cosy joes........ perfect for Winter evening lounging!

21 October 2016

what a steal?!

I didn't expect to be back so soon and blog two days on the trot but I have a new coat to share! I think it's a fab designer homage.....let me know if you agree! One of the items on my Autumn wish list was tweedy looking blazer. My search proved to be fruitless but with some birthday vouchers from Zara burning a hole in my pocket I decided to order this coat to see if it would fill the tweedy jacket shaped-hole.

Initially when I took it out of the box I dismissed it. It went back in the box to be returned.....that is until I saw this pic.......

Looks very similar to the Zara coat huh?! Only Audrey's coat is from ba&sh and will set you back roughly 380 quid! The Zara one is just £59.99.

It would seem that the ba&sh version is very popular amongst my favourite French Instagrammers....

Very happy about how Emanuelle has styled hers.....I can replicate this look to with my H&M lace-up sweatshirt! ;o)

But here's how I wore mine today.

Zara coat, here
H&M Victoriana blouse, past season alternative here
Topshop Jaime jeans
Hudson boots, similar here
Appasionata Boutique Chiara bag, here 

It's a short and sweet one from me again today but I'll be back on Sunday with something completely different!

See you then!

20 October 2016

vive la france!

As you are probably aware by now I am very partial to stealing looks from my favourite French Instagrammers so I thought I'd share another account that I love and who has inspired my outfit today!

Gaouelle_13 image via Instagram

Such a simple look but so stylish....this was an easy outfit to pull together from my existing wardrobe!

Topshop shackett, past season alternative here
Topshop sweater, past season alternative here
Topshop Jamie jeans, here
Next boots, here

Gaelle's outfit also inspired this look from last week.....

M&S Limited Edition coat, here 20% off using code OCT16A21
H&M Breton top, past season similar here
Topshop Jamie jeans, here
Next boots, here
Balenciaga bag, similar here
Dreyfuss & Co watch, here
Bella Jane bracelets, here

Is there anyone in particular inspiring you at the moment? I'm finding lots of fabulous looks to recreate on Instagram.....who and what is influencing your looks at the moment? I would love to hear!

Here's the outfits I've been sporting for work this week!

Gap sweater, past season similar here
Primark shirt, past season alternative here 
M&S Collection trousers here
Hush Brogues, past season alternative here

Zara Coat here
Topshop shirt, past season similar here
Gap sweater, past season similar here
Gap trousers, past season alternative here
Office Dapper loafer, similar here
Mulberry Dorset tote, past season High Street alternative here

Zara Coatigan, past season
Topshop shirt, past season similar here
Uniqlo cricket sweater, past season alternative here
Office Dapper loafer, similar here
Chambers & Beau necklaces, here

Just a very quick post from me today......I'm off to peruse the M&S website to take advantage of that 20% off code (OCT16A21) ;o) 

Back in a few days with a bit more style stealin'.....I found an amazing designer dupe to share!

16 October 2016

ap*passion*ata for bags!

I have a longstanding love affair with bags.....it's well documented here. My first serious bag purchase was made some 30 years ago when my collection started with a Louis Vuitton Speedy. I'm still obsessed as ever.....now this gorgeous little addition has been added to my hoard! Meet my new Chiara from Appassionata Boutique.....

One of the many delights of Instagram is the gorgeous new brands that you are introduced to. One such brand being Appassionata Boutique who design and create luxury handmade Italian leather bags. These beautiful bags are made by the Ribicini family who craft bags for the likes of Bottega Veneta, Gucci and Prada....though thankfully they have a much more palatable price tag! Who doesn't love a bit of luxe for less?! The Chiara is made from the most exquisite buttery soft leather, it has a chain strap and secure fold-over flap with popper fastening and it comes in taupe or black. It's the perfect size to hold all of my essentials....purse, sunnies, keys and a lipstick! In terms of quality for me it is on par with my Balenciaga bag.....my most beloved bag as it just gets better with wear and age (it's about 12 years old now) which is exactly what you'd expect when buying this type of luxury item.

You may have noticed that my bag of choice most days is still a messenger but the beauty of the Chiara for me is that it can be worn three ways as the strap is fully detachable, making it mega useful for the likes of me! It's looks great as a clutch.......

.....but I also love it worn with the chain doubled up as a shoulder bag too!

Appassionata Boutique has a style for every bag-lover. If you are more a fan of the grab handle then the Antonella is stunning.

Or if you are like me and like your bags to be multi-purpose the Eva could be for you as it comes with a long and short handle.

I'm a sucker for any bag donning a tassel so the beautiful Isabella obviously caught my eye! ;0)

I've yet to add a backpack to my collection yet so I also love the look of the Luisa.

That's just a small selection from what Appassionata have to offer, you can see the rest here.

Are you passionate about bags....a fellow bag-addict perhaps?! As always I would love to hear.

My usual outfit round-up....it's a week's worth as I've been a bit slack on the blogging front this week!

Primark bomber, past season alternative here
Uniqlo Merino sweater, here
Uniqlo shirt, past season similar here
H&M trousers, here
Office Dapper loafers, similar here
Mulberry Dorset tote, past season High Street alternative here

Banana Republic sweater, past season alternative here
Gap Breton, past season alternative here
H&M trousers, here
Office Dapper loafers, similar here
Mulberry Dorset tote, past season High Street alternative here

River Island cardigan, past season alternative here
Zara Breton, similar here
Gap skinny trousers, past season alternative here
Kurt Geiger Miss KG boots, past season similar here
Mulberry Dorset tote, past season High Street alternative here

Topshop jacket, past season alternative here
Love.Wear.Live sweater, here
Zara jeans, past season similar here
Converse, here
Appassionata Chiara bag, here

M&S Limited Edition coat, here
H&M Breton, past season alternative here
Topshop Jamie jeans, here
Next pixie boots, here
Balenciaga bag, past season similar here

Zara shirt, sold out alternative here
Zara jeans, past season alternative here
Converse, here
Appassionata Chiara bag, here

H&M sweatshirt, here
Zara trousers, past season alternative here
Urban Outfitters Kate ballet shoes, sold out alternative here
Appassionata Chiara bag, here

Another busy week ahead....we are staggering along to half term! I hope to be back again mid-week providing I can squeeze a bit of research in! ;o) 

Until then wishing everyone a lovely start to the week!

This post was written in collaboration with Apassionata Boutique - all words and opinions are my own.