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21 January 2018

a top spot!

I can't remember the last time I wore a dress. It was a while ago. I am starting to crave wearing something other than jeans. Whilst I was researching my Stradivarius red coat last week (I always check ASOS.....Premier means next day delivery so always worth a punt!) I *spotted* this little number. Guess what sold it to me? The red shoes. It was a done deal there and then.
Stradivarius dress

19 January 2018

a new fitness regime - #2018goals

On my last post I mentioned some 2018 goals. Whilst I was on holiday in France last August I experienced some body confidence issues which truth be told kind of spoiled my holiday a bit (comparison really is the theif of joy!). I just felt really out of shape. Although I hadn't put on a significant amount of weight I wasn't as toned as I would have liked to have been. So back in November I was chatting to the DH and I told him that I planned to find myself a personal trainer in the New Year. Shortly after that discussion Bodystreet contacted me to ask if I would like to trial a membership. Yes please was my reply. A 20 minute workout once a week......yep count me in!

Bodystreet, Whiteladies Road, Bristol

17 January 2018

new in.....

......my wardrobe this week!
Just a quickie from me this evening to share what I've purchased the past couple of days. I'm certainly making up for lost time after struck by the nasty flu bug that's been going around. In fact I have gone a bit purchase crazy!
First up is a wardrobe reviver if ever there was one! I do love red....it's my favourite colour, guaranteed to lift my spirits......and what better way to banish those January blues. 

14 January 2018

straight talking!

I'm revisiting one of my favourite subjects. The are the mainstay of my wardrobe and I waxed lyrical about them in my last post (sorry for being such a bad blogger recently.....blame my flu addled brain!). As I wear jeans about 95% of the time there is always room for another pair and I am constantly striving to source the holy grail of jeans. Trends have changed and my beloved skinnies have now been taken on for work as they are the smarter option. Straight leg is now is favour. Admittedly I'm quite a late adopter of the style but having dipped my toe in a couple of higher end M.i.h straighter styles a couple of months back I now consider myself to be totally ingratiated in this denim trend now. I think I have found the perfect High Street option at the much more purse friendly price of £40. All hail the Toppers version.......

20 December 2017

time to get organised!

Well, I can hardly believe I'm saying this but the end of 2017 is almost here. Where has the time gone? This year has really flown by hasn't it! If there is one thing I've learnt and one New Years resolution I'm making.....it's to get myself more organised. I wholeheartedly admit to winging it 99% of the time! So this post is a bit of a 3 way thing! First up it's a little incentive which has arrived in the way of this planner from @lifestyleplanner. It's stunning, would make a fantastic last minute gift.....or I can't think of anything more suitable to invest your Christmas money on if you have big plans for 2018! You can get 10% using code MF40S10.

Life Styled Planner gifted

11 December 2017

hanging out with a real housewife!

Now when this little opportunity arose I did not hesitate to say yes! I'm sure I've mentioned before (most likely on Instagram) that one of my guilty pleasures is watching The Real Housewives of Cheshire. I don't often get to hog the remote but to be fair this is one show that the DH and I actually watch together.....generally out of intrigue! I suspect that this is a little known fact but my husband was himself a professional footballer who played for Chelsea back in the late 80's to the late 90's so the show is some common ground tv-wise. I feel I should point out here that I don't regard myself as a WAG as I came along after football and back then they didn't earn the kind of money footballers do these days.....hence the fascination. Anyway, I've digress, back to the subject matter. My favourite Housewife is the super stylish Stacey Forsey who is very creative has just launched a range of lifestyle products. When I was asked if I'd like to attend a little party to celebrate I jumped at the chance!